More than 68 Deaths in Afghan School Blast!

According to officials, on Sunday, the death toll reached up to 68 resulting from a car bomb attack outside a school. This took place in Kabul, the capital of Afghan. Doctors are battling with all the injured people and their family members are searching for their children desperately. The injured victims were about 165.

This blast majorly affected the neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi. This place was earlier also targeted by the Islamic State. This place is home to a large community of Shi’ites from the Hazara ethnic minority.

There were three bomb plotted in total. One of the blasts took place in front of the Sayed Al-Shuhada school. Another two bomb blasts took place later, when students started to rush  out in panic which led to many injuries and deaths.

According to the sources, most of the dead children were girls and their families are still desperately searching for their bodies. The officials claimed that the first blast was so powerful that it killed many and their bodies are also not found yet.

President of Afghanistan has blamed Taliban for the blast but a spokesperson for that group denied and spoke in favor of that group.

Families of the victims blamed the government for not taking any actions on the violence and war against the civilians.  United Nations Secretary-General conveyed their sympathies to the family and Afghan Government.

Bodies of the victims are still being collected from the morgues and are taken for the burials. Some victim family members are still waiting for the bodies of their kids as they are yet to be identified. One helping person told that they were carrying the dead bodies of young boys and girls to the graveyard. He also said that “Why not kill every one and end this war.?”

Also, securities have been tightened all over Kabul, but, the officials said that they won’t be able to give security to all the schools, mosques or for the public places.

This is a very disheartening situation to Kabul. Also prayers were done for those who died in this attack.