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CBD flowers: The best storage tips and tricks

The CBD flower is like every other plant because it needs humidity, air, and light to remain fresh. Poor storage of CBD can affect the health benefits you get from the plant. Furthermore, storing the CBD flower properly doesn’t require too much; it just requires a little care.

CBD flowers have a natural flavor that people identify with. Poor storage can cause the plant to lose the flavor and develop mold. Few pieces exist about CBD storage, so you should be lucky to be reading this. Read and learn simple tips to keep your CBD flower fresh and in good condition.

Store in a cool, dry place

For your CBD flowers to maintain its flavor, you need to store it in a cool, dry place. For instance, the environment should maintain a humidity level of 54 to 63 percent. Like every other plant, CBD needs oxygen to keep the buds fresh. Exposing this plant to extreme amounts of oxygen could dry out the buds. Meanwhile, too much light will kill the CBD flower. In other words, don’t expose it to light all the time.

Store the CBD flower in a jar

Another way to store your CBD flower is to keep it in an airtight glass or jar. This method has proven to preserve the flower for a long time. The buds of the CBD flower will be shielded from air, light, and extreme humidity. You may need to close the jar, but not hermetically. This will allow the CBD plant to get some air while humidity escapes from the jar. Storing the CBD flower in a jar in a darker room is much better.

Store in vacuum bags

Even though storing CBD flower in a vacuum bag is advisable, it may lose its flavor or buds if you don’t do it right. Storing the CBD flowers in the vacuum bag requires applying the same instructions as storing them in a jar. For vacuum storage, you need to empty the air every time you open it. Meanwhile, using the typical plastic bags or tuppers will affect your CBD flower negatively.

Store in a refrigerator

Another way to store the CBD flower is in a refrigerator. You can put the CBD flower in a jar or vacuum and store it in the refrigerator to stay at the right temperature. Don’t store the CBD flower in the freezer because it will be too cold. More so, it will freeze and lose its flavor.


CBD flower is a sensitive plant. Without the right temperature, the flower will shrink, the buds will become dry, and it will lose its flavor. Storing in a very cool environment is not ideal for the plant. Instead of buying CBD flowers and storing them, you can buy fresh ones from online vendors. Ordering fresh CBD products online saves you the stress of trying to store them. Finally, ensure that the CBD flower you buy is from a reliable and reputable online vendor.

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