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What should you know about candles?

Today, candles are no longer used only to diffuse light or to illuminate a room. They are, in fact, used for many other reasons. They are used in particular to create soothing atmospheres, but also with the aim of reinforcing feelings of well-being. They therefore exist in several models and can meet any need. Overview of these essential devices in this article.

Candles: what are they?

Candles are devices or sticks used to light up a place or room. They have become over time, very trendy decorative objects. Even more, they come in many forms and varieties and can provide you with enormous benefits.

Indeed, these devices are used more and more to perfume a room, relax the atmosphere or promote the circulation of positive energy. They can therefore decrease your stress, bring you strength, inspiration, and even good fortune.

In short, candles are used to create any kind of atmosphere and can illuminate the privacy of any room. They generally consist of several elements: wax, perfume, paraffin and a wick.

The waxes used in the composition of candles are often vegetable. They do not contain herbicides or pesticides, and are therefore ecological products, but also biodegradable.

As for paraffin, it is a component derived from petroleum. It is used less and less because it is non-renewable and not very respectful of the environment.

Which candle model to choose?

The candle models available on the market are legion. Some are handcrafted and others are from industrial production.

To throw away, however, an excellent product, it is recommended to opt for hand-produced candles. These candles are made with natural components and are much more environmentally friendly. Their waxes are, for example, made with vegetable oils (coconut oil, soybean oil, etc.) and their wicks are entirely made of cotton. They also last longer, do not produce soot or toxic smoke and do not degrade health.

In addition, artisanal or natural candles are available in a variety of scents to create any atmosphere. They can thus perfume all interior spaces with a sweet scent. Enough to make your rooms warmer, but also more convivial or more welcoming.

In short, these candles are of better quality and can be adapted to any interior decoration. You will therefore have no trouble finding those that can combine with your interior for a unique or original decoration.

Advice and precautions to take

To use natural candles optimally, several precautions must be taken. Thus, for a first use, it is recommended to let it burn for a long time to promote good combustion, but also a good diffusion of the perfume.

In addition, re-center the wick of your candle if necessary and reduce its length if it is too long. This will prevent the wick from falling into the wax, but will also prevent the formation of pits.

Otherwise, it is recommended not to leave lit candles unattended or to always store them in a place inaccessible to children. In addition, always keep your candles on suitable supports, but also stable and heat resistant in order to avoid any risk of fire.

Nathalie Chambon
Nathalie Chambon
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