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Why Use ID Card Software?

ID card software allows you to print and design professional ID cards and employee badges. Indeed, whether it is a company, a trade or a local authority, having an identity card software makes it possible to create and print in a brief instant identity cards and employee identification badges.

In addition, the new free edition of ID Flow is a leading ID card software from Jolly. It offers the creation of professional identity cards designed for any type of business.

ID Flow free: a free ID card software

In fact, id card software is the new free edition of Jolly’s leading ID Flow offers the basic set of employee ID card and badge design tools. Just, through the ID Flow software, one can add text, logos, barcodes, photos to the design of ID card and badge. In this way, ID Flow makes card production easier and faster. Simply enroll the new cardholder by following the step-by-step wizard and then print the card.

However, users who need larger databases should resort to the Standard or Premium edition, the edition offers support by email or phone. 

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What are the benefits of using professional software

In short, it is important for a company or establishment to have visitor access control software for security reasons. Indeed, the software allows you to enter personal information in advance using a pre-registration module. In this way, thanks to the software, we can create professional identity cards and personalized badges.

Certainly, some software allows in a few seconds to scan an identity document such as an identity card or driving license. Therefore, collecting detailed data and even the printing of the badge are carried out automatically and quickly. For this, there are a number of software with various functionalities, companies can opt for the one that suits them best. 

Additionally, the management software used to manage and maintain enterprise security is an adaptable, highly simplified solution that is easy to install and use.

How to Design Employee ID Cards

In various organizations, manufacturer ID card software is really indispensable for a multitude of organizations such as Educational Institutions, IT Companies, Health, Culture, Airport, etc. Indeed, it is employee badge maker and ID cards are beneficial for various purposes to provide security and prevent the entry of unauthorized visitors. 

To do this, one needs to install the ID card design software through a laptop. Then when the software is open, then in order to start the process of designing the identity card, one must use a design, the guided wizard and the already existing label format. We can then define the model, the colors and the contents of the card. That is to say, we must fill in the profile of said user.

When all the user profile information is completed, an identity card will appear with text details and many other information. So, to print the designed ID card, just click on the print option of the software. Now we can see the printed object of identity cards.


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