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The role of color theory in artistic creation

The deliberate use of color in art is a fundamental aspect that can shape and define the piece's emotional and visual impact. Delving into...

The most visited monuments in Greece

Every nation in the world holds wonders that are natural or designed by the facts of the past. Nations with mythical pasts have many...

What to see in Montpellier this summer?

Going to discover the world and new horizons is ideal for keeping a good mood and a healthy mind. Having a specific time period...

How to sound a church?

The church is a place of meditation, adoration and sharing. Several devotees gather there for weekly meetings, services and other religious ceremonies. It is...

Loris Gréaud launches his monograph in Miami with Lee Ranaldo

Loris Gréaud will be launching a solo monograph on December 3rd. The definitive monograph is titled “The Unplayed Notes & The Underground Sculpture Park...
David Mercier DGS

David Mercier DGS : il faut visiter à tout prix la Fondation Claude-Monet à...

Quand on parle de Claude Monet, on ne peut pas s’empêcher de penser à sa fondation à Giverny. Cette dernière est constituée de la...
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