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My son refuses to go to sleep alone: our tips

Kids should naturally go to sleep when they feel tired. You don’t have to spend time pampering them to sleep at night. If you notice that your son doesn’t fall asleep alone, then there might be something wrong. Here is what you can do to help your little baby go to sleep alone and feel rested the following morning.

Play Relaxing Music for your Baby

Your baby might be so tired that they are simply unable to fall asleep. If you want them to feel more relaxed, then play some relaxing music in the background. You can also turn off all lights if it’s already dark outside and leave one lamp on during sleep time. It will help your kid get into a more calm state of mind.

Settle Down in a Dark Room

It would help if you also created an environment for your son that is conducive to falling asleep. For example, you can adjust the temperature by turning off the AC and keeping the window slightly open if it’s very hot outside. You can even play with lighting during sleep time by using a dark room. This way, your baby will feel more comfortable and ready to sleep quickly.

Makes sure your Baby Stays Warm enough

If you think the room is too cold for them, then go ahead and turn up the heating system by using a space heater. On the other hand, if it’s warm outside, then keep the window open to let in some fresh air inside the room. Keep your child warm with a thick blanket so they won’t shiver during sleep time.

Don’t Play with your Baby when they are trying to Sleep

Kids naturally feel scared and uncomfortable when things around them change, especially when it’s already bedtime. If you keep on playing with your son or daughter, then he or she might end up feeling more stressed out. This will make it harder for them to fall asleep.

It’s already Bedtime

If you want your baby to be able to go to sleep alone at night, then make sure that you give them ample time for play during the day. If there are no other activities you can do together, just leave them alone for a few minutes. It would help if you also created the right sleeping environment so they will feel comfortable enough to go sleep on their own.

Purchase Comfortable Boys Pyjamas

Your baby will also feel more comfortable if they wear comfy clothes before going to bed. Ensure that the boys pyjamas you buy for your kid are made of soft and breathable fabric so they won’t irritate them when they move around during sleep time. You can pick any style you like, but make sure that they are perfect for your child’s size.


By applying the tips above, you can help your little baby go to sleep alone without any hassles. Remember that your child will also feel more anxious if there are a lot of changes going on around them during bedtime. If they aren’t comfortable enough, it will be harder for them to fall asleep independently.

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