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Why use a mobile app with Eventleaf?

In fact, mobile applications are entering our daily lives, and the event industry is forced to adapt. Indeed, the use of mobile phones has exploded so much whether to participate, exchange, or network. In this way, the mobile application takes a prominent place in our event. Thus, thanks to the event application, participants have the possibility of accessing all the particularities of the event, such as the schedule, schedules, or even the plan of the place.

Besides, Event Leaf is an event management software where one can realize, promote events and still manage the recaps submitted. Therefore, using the mobile event application via Smartphone, we can register participants, receive fictitious sessions.

Benefits of using an event mobile app

As an event organizer, we can indicate all the useful and practical information of the event, such as the place, the schedules and all the accessible information. Just by using an event mobile app, all the options are accessible on a mobile device, it implies that the benefits are therefore considerable.

Certainly, mobile event app  have the possibility of being formatted to any type of smartphone, so their use must be very easy. In this way, using an event mobile application allows all event participants a very simplified hands-on experience. In addition, it can be said that all information via an event computer offered online is also available on a smartphone.

In addition, another advantage of using an event mobile application is that it is accessible anywhere and anytime. Of course, by always bringing your mobile with us, we will be able to access information about the event at any time and any place.

Apart from that, the event mobile application allows participants to feel comfortable during the event. In a secure way, participants will be able to access a wide range of tools and functionalities. These will make their experience more prosperous and attractive.

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Can we customize the design of the event mobile application?

In fact, customizing the event mobile app design is a must since it provides attendees with a better mobile app during the event. Therefore, the mode of operation is very simple. In fact, from the administrator interface, you can customize the design of the application: color, fonts, logo, as well as their content.

Organize an event with Eventleaf

Simply put, Event Leaf is event management software. It allows you to create any type of real or virtual event. Indeed, with Event Leaf, we can create and promote events and be accessible via the mobile event application. With certainty, this software has all the tools for organizing an event: registration, personalized registration form, group registrations, and reach lists. In addition, using the registration application and a welcome printer, badges can be printed on site for participants.

Indeed, using personalized QR codes and lead retrieval app on event badges, attendees do not need to fill out registration forms at each event. Just scan their badge for immediate check-in. Event Leaf event management software allows polls, surveys, and Q&As to be conducted at a specific event. In this way, the software will improve future events. Thus, Event Leaf is intended to be used in conferences, seminars, corporate training, business meetings, etc.


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