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Japandi: the new style of interior decoration to adopt in 2021

Appeared at the 2016 Milan Furniture Fair, the Japandi interior design style was still low profile. But in recent years, this style has attracted more and more attention from designers, who are promoting it heavily. Japandi has thus become a trendy style of decoration which has already conquered a large number of interiors. It is therefore a great option for changing the decor of the interior rooms of your house on the cusp of the new year 2021.

What is Japandi really?

The term “Japandi” comes from the fusion between the words Japan (Japan in English) and Scandinavia (the English term for Scandinavia). Indeed, the Japandi is the meeting of two styles of interior decoration, notably the Japanese Wabi Sabi and the Scandinavian hygge. We therefore find the simplicity of the Japanese way of life combined with the elegance of Scandinavian design. The decoration that this style offers is therefore convenient and functional, transforming interiors into harmonious and serene settings, to provide complete well-being.

Japandi is more than a simple style of decoration, it is a philosophy of life. Applied to the interior of a home, it only brings out the essentials of the decoration, to the detriment of the superfluous. In the same sense, Japandi inspires an authentic character, and gives priority to simplicity and serenity, in all aspects of everyday life. He thus suggests “finding beauty in the imperfect” (wabi sabi) and keeping a minimalist and intentionally intimate character (hygge). These elements are believed to be the keys to happiness, according to this philosophy.

décoration intérieure Japandi
Crédit : Pixabay

How is interior decoration in the Japandi Style presented?

A good decoration in the Japandi style uses natural and durable materials. One of the main materials used is wood, which is highly prized in Japanese tradition. The wood is thus used as well for the furniture of the living room as for the covering of the ground. The floors can also be covered with ceramic, marble or other handcrafted textiles, according to the modern Scandinavian style. Only one or two rooms can be decorated with artwork, or a coffee table supporting a stack of nicely arranged books.

Japandi is also used in bathrooms, bringing simplicity and functionality. We can thus meet there reinforcements dug in the walls, serving as supports for the products of body care. The floor and walls can be covered with black and white tiles, and the whole can be embellished with a little vegetal touch. In the end, we get a bathroom that reflects Japanese Zen and Scandinavian minimalism, a bathroom perfectly decorated in the Japandi style.


décoration intérieure Japandi
Crédit : Pixabay

What are the main characteristics of a Japandi style decoration?

The Japandi style is an attractive mode of decoration which is based on certain principles that characterize it.

The simplicity

One of the values ​​advocated by the Japandi style is simplicity: the less, the better. Thus, we favor large spaces in the rooms, by installing a small number of furniture, yet very comfortable. These include low furniture from Japanese cultures, which facilitate the “connection to the earth”.

The use of handcrafted pieces

The Japandi Decoration Style employs handmade pieces with natural materials. He takes little account of the imperfections that he sees as strengths (in accordance with the wabi sabi theory).

Deep and soft colors

Japandi uses the deep colors of Japanese tradition such as navy blue, bottle green and charcoal gray. There are also cool and neutral tones, used in Scandinavian aesthetics.

Integration of nature

The Japandi sale also uses natural flowers and plants as the main decorative elements. These are symbols of life and harmony in the home.

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