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Original gift ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a time to show all the love and gratitude we feel for our moms. It is customary to give a gift for Mother’s Day to mark this special day. To change classic presents, select an original gift idea among the following selections …

A voucher for a relaxation and well-being session

Moms are constantly on all fronts, between responsibilities within the home, childcare and professional missions. They have no respite. A mother’s days usually start early in the morning and end only late in the evening. The weekends are devoted to the small family and to household chores which require the most availability.

A voucher for a few hours, half a day, a whole day, or even a weekend in a wellness center is an ideal gift, which is sure to please all mothers.

A romantic dinner or weekend

Moms are so busy every day that they no longer have time to be with their partner. Treat your mother by offering her a romantic dinner or why not a romantic weekend in a luxury establishment.

Choose a hotel complex located in a dream destination, far from children and everyday stress. Select relaxation and pleasure activities such as spa, hammam, massage, etc., for a successful weekend of pleasure.

A workshop around a specific theme

Have you ever wondered what your mom’s passion is? If you don’t know, ask him the question and give him great pleasure by allowing him to live a unique experience around his passion. Opt for a gift box for an introductory or advanced session on a specific theme.

Between a gardening course, a cooking workshop with a chef, a learning session in sewing or embroidery, a discovery around oenology or a beauty and well-being workshop, you have a lot of choice. In addition, select the formula that best suits your mother: with friends, alone, in your company or as a couple. Retailers specializing in gift boxes suggest a whole selection of activities and offers to suit all preferences and all budgets.

An unprecedented activity

Is your mom dynamic, adventurous and loves a challenge and adrenaline? Offer him a voucher for a unique activity. Bungee jumping, paragliding, hot-air ballooning, parachute jumping over a remarkable site, it’s up to you to find the activity that will best satisfy your desires to let go and thrills. She won’t soon forget this gift.

A family stay

There is nothing more satisfying for a mom than seeing her loved ones happy and sharing good times with her little family. You would surely make her happy by organizing a family vacation. Choose a destination that offers a calming setting and a host of fun and rewarding activities. Plan things you can do as a family to build lasting memories.

Nathalie Chambon
Nathalie Chambon
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