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How to create interactive presentations with Wooclap?

Presentations are essential elements that facilitate communication at conferences, in classrooms or in companies. However, with the advent of new technologies, traditional presentations are becoming increasingly boring and uninviting for participants. This is why it is preferable to opt for an online platform such as Wooclap to create interactive presentations to make presentations more dynamic and captivating for the audience. What are the tips for creating interactive presentations with Wooclap?

Opting for a type of presentation

Wooclap is a platform that offers various types of interactive presentations, depending on the objective of the presentation. Wooclap offers the possibility of creating surveys, questionnaires, mind maps, word clouds, etc. It is therefore essential to make a good choice of the type of presentation that would best suit your subject and your audience. Once you have made your choice, you can use the tools available on the platform to build your presentation. 
These tools allow you to add text, questions, images and interactive videos to make the content more visual, engaging and interesting. Also, it is possible to add YouTube videos and even audio files to give the presentation a more multimedia feel. However, it is imperative to structure the presentation well in order to keep the audience’s attention and maintain a coherent thread.

Adding interactive questions

As a key element of interactive presentations, interactive questions allow you to test the participants’ knowledge and encourage more interaction during the presentation. With Wooclap, it is possible to add several types of questions, namely: short answer questions, multiple choice questions and open questions. These different categories of questions encourage participants to actively participate in the presentation. 
In addition, Wooclap has several customisation options that make the presentation more professional and adapted to the image of the company or brand. These tools offer the possibility to add a logo, background images, customize with colours and fonts to make the presentation more visually appealing.

Use the functionality of graphics, animations and collaborative whiteboards

Wooclap is a presentation creation platform that is packed with several features, including the ability to add graphics and animations. Graphics help to visualize data clearly and concisely, while animations help to keep the audience’s attention by moving the elements of the presentation. 
In addition, Wooclap’s collaborative whiteboard feature allows for real-time input from participants in the presentation. In fact, it allows you to add comments, drawings and ideas to a virtual whiteboard, which is a great way to encourage audience participation and interaction.

Broadcasting the presentation

Apart from creating the presentation, Wooclap allows you to broadcast it online so that participants can access it from their smartphone or computer. This way, you can broadcast in real time and receive live comments from the participants. Also, you can record the presentation to share it later with participants who were unable to attend in real time. All of these features make for a memorable presentation experience for participants. It is important to follow the different steps clearly in order to successfully create an interactive presentation with Wooclap. If you don’t, you may not be able to do it.

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