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Past lives, what exactly are they?

Have you ever met someone for the first time and felt like you had seen and known them before? This is also the case for situations in life which give us an impression of déjà vu. Realize that these feelings are the snippets of memories from our past lives.

What is the past life?

The previous life is reincarnation, the rebirth of energy. It is for our soul to incarnate from life to life in order to find itself in an energy of positive evolution, of experience and of learning. Life is an eternal restart, and human beings never reincarnate as animals, they never stop evolving to learn from the lessons of each of their lives. However, it is possible that from one life to the next, he will change his gender or country. Let’s not forget that reincarnation is all around us: day and night, the cyclical movement of the earth, the sun and the moon. There are also the plants which grow, which die and which give seeds. These sink into the earth to germinate, and new life is reborn. The past life concerns all of us, there is always a first life, but some individuals have few past lives behind them, others are halfway while others are almost at the end of the cycle. reincarnation. We can remember our past lives alone or with past life clairvoyance.

We know that our soul is reincarnated when we have recurring dreams. Dreams are reflections of the subconscious, and repetitive dreams are often a sign of trauma such as a fear or a question the brain is trying to work through, but it can also be a reflection of experiences from our past lives. The other sign of reincarnation is inconsistent memories which can be misunderstandings, fantasies, or an inconsistency in the ability to remember. There is also the powerful intuition. The latter is the capacity of balance between the conscious and the unconscious in order to be able to draw in our primitive wisdom and our innate knowledge. Let’s not forget the feeling of déjà vu that comes with smells, sounds or other sensations spontaneously. Past lives also manifest in our present life with innate empathy, precognition, and retrocognition.

It is usually out of curiosity that we wonder about our past lives, but the risk is to be disappointed. Often, we think we have been a very important person in our previous life while often, we have had mundane lives. The goal of knowing our past lives is to understand who we have been in order to have avenues for reflection that will allow us to better understand ourselves in our new life, our life today.


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