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Why is our personality determined by genetics?

Have you ever thought about what best characterizes you? Are you more nervous or placid? A little shy or very social? Rather distracted or conscientious? Got some ideas on the answers? So the question is why are you like this. Do you know that part of your personality comes from genetics. In other words, you received it from your parents. But, why is personality so determined by genetics or dna test? We explain everything there is to know in the subject in this article.

Personality, how is it formed?

According to many studies, personality is an alchemy between different dimensions: extroversion – openness – agreeableness – neuroticism and conscientiousness. It is the combination of these that makes each human being unique. Personality is also made up of character and temperament. If character is acquired over time, temperament is a baggage provided from birth. According to Diane Purper-Ouakil, professor specializing in psychiatry at Montpellier University Hospital: “The traits that define a temperament are mainly influenced by biological factors and they remain quite stable over the course of a lifetime”. In 2006, David Rettew, American psychiatrist was able to show through his research that genetic factors are 59% responsible for neuroticism. The remaining 41% comes from the environment (food, the neighborhood in which we live, loved ones, those around us, etc.). The same goes for extroversion. In short, personality depends 50% on genetics. However, you should know that it loses ground during childhood. Also, it should be noted that genes are not responsible for everything. Indeed, the evolution of the personality also depends on childhood and adolescence, the periods considered to be the most decisive.

Why do genetics affect personality so much?

As mentioned above, genetics (verified with a DNA personality test)is 50% responsible for a person’s personality. Indeed, each human being inherits predispositions from his genetic heritage. This can be intellectual or physical characteristics, illnesses or character traits. According to scientific research, there are also genes that play a major role in defining character, a component of personality. Among these, there is the catechol-O-methyltransferase or COMT gene which is different from one individual to another. The latter is also very sensitive to amino acids having influences on dopamine: Valine and methionine. Each individual can have two pairs of Valines (Val/Val), two pairs of methionines (Met/Met) or even one of each (Met/Val). Those with Met/Met have three times more dopamine in their prefrontal cortex. It is this part of the brain that is concerned with different processes: cognition, decision-making, social behavior or even personality expression. Faced with insurmountable obstacles, Met/Met individuals can turn back easily. The Val/Val meanwhile are true warriors. In short, personality is determined by genetics because each human being has predispositions stemming from his ancestor and his biology.


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