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What are the strongest car mats?

One of the very essential accessories of a vehicle are the car mats. These provide protection against wear and dirt in the interior as well as a good grip for the driver’s feet in the interior of the vehicle. To fulfill its functions, it will be necessary to make a consequent choice of the material of manufacture.

Rubber car mats

Carpets made from this material are used in vehicles that frequently receive dirt that could damage or stain it. This material is very resistant to chemicals. Its wear capacity is low compared to many other materials.

Anything that is messy like sand, mud, sleet or the like can be caught by the rubber mats. These types of mats available on The Carpet King ensure good driving safety because they have non-slip ridges. The compatibility of the rubber mat with all makes of vehicle is one of its great advantages.

It favors cutting to suit the interior of your vehicle. One of the qualities of this mat is that it is the model offering more strength. Despite the frequency of friction applied to it, it always remains resistant. The rubber car mat has a very long life if its maintenance is not biased

Polyurethane car mats

These types of mats are made of rubbery material. However, their properties are more or less improved. They have the advantage of being light in weight and always keeping their elasticities constant despite the temperature variation. Along with the first types of carpets, they too have the ability to be used for different categories of vehicles. Available in varied colors, polyurethane rugs are a bit more expensive than the previous one.

Fluffy felt car mats

Ragged felt carpets do not leave small dirt in your car too visible. The existence of barbs in this mat allows large dirt such as mud to cling to it very easily. These rugs are very easy to maintain.

PVC car mats

This material is capable of exhibiting high ductility behavior due to the presence of the short manufacturing fibers, but also very strong when made of plastic. PVC mats have excellent resistance to chemicals, dust, sand, dirt and even liquids.

Polyamide and nylon car mats

It is a polyester suitable for several applications such as floor mats and rugs. They are soft to the touch and offer a high quality synthetic blend. Polyamide and nylon mats provide ease of maintenance.


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