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Sports betting and the Champions League 2021 : huge stakes

The eagerly awaited return leg between Barca and PSG in the Champions League round of 16 on March 10, 2021 ended in a game of parity. The Messi gang clearly dominated the match from start to finish, but the Parisians held on to the end to forget behind them the memorable comeback of the Barca team in 2016. The Parisian club advance to the quarter-finals and hope this year winning the only major trophy he lacks in his list of achievements.

The Champions League is the most anticipated sporting event of the moment, and the stakes are high for both punters and bookmakers alike. The return matches for the round of 16 will soon be over to make way for the 8 best teams of the tournament to play the quarter-finals. In the last four, there are no more small teams even if the big favorites are eliminated from the tournament like Barca and Juventus. And it is very difficult and even improbable to give predictions.

How to bet and win with the Champions League?

For the moment, it is impossible to know the names of the teams that will play in the quarter-finals of the Champions League even if we already know the qualified teams. The list will be released by drawing lots at UEFA headquarters on March 19. In the meantime, there are still a few return matches that will be played out. In order to hope to generate more money in soccer sports betting with the Champions League, the right option is to find the best sports betting site that offers the best match odds. To grow, stakes, multiple bets or combination bets are key cards to play. Combination bets are types of bets that can be played with multiple matches. What is at stake is that the potential payout is the multiplication of the odds in each game.

When will the Champions League final take place?

The matches of the quarter-finals of the Champions League for the 2020-2021 season will take place on April 06 and 07. The return matches are scheduled for April 13 and 14. For the semi-finals, the first leg matches are scheduled for April 27 and 28 and the return matches May 04 and 05. The Champions League final is scheduled for May at the ATATÜRK stadium in Istanbul – the capital of Turkey. Follow all the information for each match on your sports betting site: calendar, statistics, match odds, etc. To find out more about the issue, go here.

Which sports betting site to bet on?

It is not advisable to bet on just any sports betting site that comes your way. It is like any business area where competition is the dominant rule, there is a need to make choices and comparisons. Here are some important criteria to consider:

The site interface: ease of use is decisive for staying on a site. A good site has a simple, dynamic, modern and easy to use interface.

The starting bonus: to attract customers, bookmakers offer a starting bonus large enough to start betting.

The method and security of payment: this is an important criterion, because everything depends on the system and the security of payment. To avoid losing money, sites that offer different secure payment methods are better.

Promotional offers

The quality of customer service

To find out a little more about the choice of bookmakers, our Montague Varieur expert can enlighten you a little more. You can also check out the bitcoin sports betting article for more great sports betting information.

What are the top 3 of the best French sports betting sites?

Compared to the criteria defined above, here are the top 3 of the best French football sports betting sites of the moment to make your choice:

  • Winamax:

It is one of the best French sports betting sites that have good odds among punters. The site offers a dynamic, modern and user-friendly interface. A starting bonus is offered to each player who signs up. In general, winamax and its services are reliable. It displays an interesting match odds compared to other bookmakers.

  • Unibet:

Unibet is the benchmark in the world of football sports betting. Its strong points are: variety of bets and matches, good odds in general, bonuses and interesting promotional offers. The interface of the Unibet site is very easy to use, it is an informative site that offers valuable information for each match played by bet.

  • Bet265:

This sports betting site is a rising bookmaker in the industry. Customer service is good and it offers a lot of innovative and interesting services. Upon registration, Bet265 offers every new bettor a comfortable start bonus allowing them to bet on a wide variety

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