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Kitchen sink: the 5 trends for 2021

Nothing like changing the decor of your kitchen than replacing your sink! Central element of the room, everything is played around it from a practical point of view. To do the dishes, wash fruits and vegetables, rinse the scouring sponge … But what if the kitchen sink also becomes the ultimate touch of your decoration? To bring some punch to your layout, discover the 5 trends for 2021 kitchen sinks.

Stainless steel kitchen sink

Often, the kitchens of great chefs sparkle with this shiny and metallic shine made entirely of stainless steel. If professionals choose it for its practicality, why not opt ​​for stainless steel and its inimitable design? Easy to maintain, this material combines with everything for a variety of atmospheres: with white for example for a kitchen lab touch or with wood for an industrial style. You can even replace your existing sink with a stainless steel sink for an even more striking professional kitchen effect!

The earthenware kitchen sink

Timeless and practical, the white of the earthenware goes particularly well with black or gray kitchen furniture for a chic and elegant atmosphere. Solid, easy to maintain, perfectly healthy for washing food, the earthenware kitchen sink is still in fashion in 2021. Single or double, built-in or in a countertop basin, earthenware sinks play the card of tradition. and give an authentic touch to all decorations.

The black granite kitchen sink

Another big trend of the year 2021, the black granite sink will suit you, whether you are looking for a modern decor by combining it with white furniture, or on the contrary a cozy atmosphere by marrying it with wooden furniture. If the granite stone is fragile to handle, especially during installation, the sink will be very sturdy once installed. Not very sensitive to scratches and resistant over time, the granite sink offers many advantages. Size disadvantage: its price. For tailor-made, the numbers can even fly away!

The natural stone kitchen sink

The palm of authenticity goes to the natural stone sink. Sandstone, slate, Burgundy stone: the materials are numerous and allow access to a wide range of colors and aspects. The absolute advantage of natural stone for a kitchen sink? All shapes are allowed in cutting. It is then possible to imagine a sink with nicely rounded edges protruding from your furniture. Of course, depending on the natural stone chosen, its rarity and its quality, the prices can also be very high.

The glass kitchen sink

Hyper trendy and relatively uncommon, the glass kitchen sink is nevertheless gradually gaining ground. If you are looking for clean lines and a modern vibe in your kitchen, this will definitely appeal to you. However, the glass sink is still considered a luxury product, the installation of which must be carried out by a professional. The budget to be foreseen is therefore accordingly. In addition, glass is easily scratched and can therefore quickly lose its cachet over the years.

The sink: the centerpiece of your kitchen

As you will have understood, the kitchen sink is of capital importance, both in terms of style and functionality. However, you can play on many other aspects to decorate your kitchen and give it a new dimension.

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