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Why Use Visitor Management Software ?

Visitor management is based on the process of tracking and managing visitors. Indeed, visitors are only people who circulate inside the premises of our organization. In this way, for the security of the company as well as for the employees, the management of visitors is essential, even if the organization owns in the name of a receptionist.

As a result, visitors can be sellers or entrepreneurs, particularly at a business meeting, people seeking information, messengers or even delivery people. For this, the visitor management targets these people to ensure that they leave the premises with a good opinion.

Thus, a visitor management app is a tool for tracking and coming to the premises of an organization or business. This system represents a multitude of people to manage various visitors from arrival to departure in the company. This allows for a better experience for visitors. In addition, other reliable applications can also play the role for visitor management such as the recording of visitor data via an identification scanner, the management of access rights and many others.

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Learn more about Lobby Track

In fact, Lobby Track is a visitor management software that supports government organizations, schools, companies, health institutions to register visitors, perform verifications of past actions, and send confirmations between different transactions. As a result, employees and hosts can pre-register visitors and specify information such as name, phone number, email address, date and time of visit, etc.

Thus, Lobby Track allows organizers to carry out follow-ups and security checks for all visitors. As a result, administrators can capture photos, create agreements, print temporary badges, scan credentials and even limit the number of visitors by the hot desk booking software. Like this, security guards can hold a list of visitors on site, to secure the premises by sending push notifications and disconnecting unrecommended visitors.

That’s why Lobby Track is software that makes onboarding easy by standardizing visitor management operations. Also, Lobby Track is available for any smartphone device from the Google Play Store. 

The application allows you to view and manage a list of employees and visitors who are on site in the company. 

Advantage of visitor management software

Indeed, the successes of modern software offer companies as well as visitors optimal security. Indeed, the task of professional management is to comply with individual security measures. This is why visitor management software is literally a secure business.

Additionally, with visitor management software, facilities can easily monitor the balance between optimal security and welcoming visitors. In addition, thanks to the software, the reception staff member automatically receives notifications as soon as visitors arrive. As a result, the visitor management software is able to signal on site whether a visitor should retake the information meeting or not.

Thus, a visitor management software can reduce the workload, the waiting time as well as strengthen the security of the company. While allowing visitors to have a good welcome during their visits to the organization.


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