7 Children Sent to Hospital due to E.coli in Washington!

On Wednesday, Public Health Officials said that investigations are going on for the children who fell sick due to toxin-producing E. coli. All the 7 children were detected that were infected with  Shiga toxin producing E.coli which are also called as STEC.

Almost 6 out of 7 children had to be hospitalized. One out  of them is recovering from severe hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) which tends to affect kidneys.

According too King County Public Health, one more children is suspected to develop haemilytic uremic syndrom (HUS). This diseases is generally associated to Shiga toxin producing E.coli and 5 – 10 % people experience these issues who are infected with STEC.

All the children infected with STEC fall under the age of 14 and three of then aged below 5 years. According to officials, children eventually started developing symptoms from 17th April to 29th April and cases were detected somewhat between 22nd April.

The officials say that the exact cause is yet unknown. They said they have to figure out whether it occurred due to some particular food from some particular restaurant or  through any other common sources.

Officials of King County public health  say that they are in constant touch with parents and guardians of those children and are conducting surveys to get the exact cause of this disease.

Furthermore, they are in touch with Washington State Department of Health and are conducting laboratory tests to confirm the causes.

According to the officials, STEC infections can occur due to reasons like, uncooked or raw food, contaminated water with animal feaces, direct contact with animals or ready to eat food etc.

So, if one avoids all these uncooked and processed food, cook meats thoroughly there is less chances of contracting this STEC infection. Also, always remember to maintain hand hygiene to before and food to avoid any kind of infections.

Officials asked their parents not to send them to day care until they are completely cured.

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