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All about Klaxoon workshop platform

Above all, it is a workshop that allows you to work collaboratively around a seminar or working group. Indeed, a workshop is therefore a working workshop in which, through a specific theme or debate, discussions will be interpreted, around an organized working group. In fact, in a workshop, the object is presented most of the time in the problem analysis, given in the context of a company or a training course.

Thus, the participants will then be invited by the company or by a trainer, with the aim of discussing and highlighting the essential elements of a problem, a strategy or a future project. In this way, there are differences of opinion on a problem or a specific subject, bringing them together makes it possible to detect resource limits that prevent the subject in question from being realized.

In addition, Klaxoon offers workshops that are completely appropriate according to everyone’s expectations. In this way, Klaxoon offers a solution intended for joint work. On the web, the platform is preparing a graphic interface necessary for the management of the convention of the working groups. For this, its mission is to make group meetings more effective.

Who is Klaxoon?

Klaxoon, a member of Next 40, is the collaborative and hybrid workshop platform adopted by millions of teams worldwide, headquartered in Rennes, France, with offices in the United States (in Boston) and in Singapore. The company was launched in March 2015 and today employs 300 employees. Klaxoon is now used in more than 120 countries and more than 5,000 organizations of all types and sizes, including 100% of CAC 40 companies and 15% of Fortune 500, and has won numerous international awards.

The workshop platform brings together in one space a unique set of features to engage teams and get things done in hybrid environments. Synchronous or asynchronous, it allows teams to conduct effective workshops easily, anywhere and from any device.

It incorporates an unparalleled collection of features and services such as whiteboard, dynamic presentations, chat and communication tools, screen sharing, recording and exporting capabilities, information sharing from any source, automated reports, integrated video conferencing, and features to turn any environment into a workshop space.

Klaxon workshop platform, what is it in reality?

The Klaxoon workshop platform is presented as a collaborative platform distributed in all areas. Its purpose is to respond to the emergence of blended working by providing an elaborate medium for synchronous or asynchronous discussions.

According to these main functionalities, such as whiteboards to participate in the workshop, Live for a video conferencing tool, animation applications, etc. Certainly, the Klaxon Workshop Platform is a cross-platform system.

Like this, Bord Hybride or whiteboard includes visual management and videoconferencing in the same accessory. In addition, videoconferencing is accessible via any type of device: computer, smartphone or tablet.

In addition, there is also the Klaxoon Box, presented in the form of a Wifi server, in this way, you can access the meeting functionalities through an application without needing to have internet access.

Does this imply that Klaxoon is free? Indeed, Klaxoon offers a free version of Workshop Platform. However, it is limited to its whiteboard and question-and-answer applications. This is why the Workshop Platform is priced at 9.9 euros per month and per user, as well as 12.90 euros per month and per user in the full version.

As a result, Klaxoon Enterprise presents itself as an essential service within the framework of a work group.



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