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Why use advertising balloons inflated with helium ?

Currently, each company has its own way of capturing the attention of the public and expanding its audience. Some businesses rely on ads on TV or radio and social media. While, the use of advertising balloons, for the long term or during a short term event, is also largely effective.

Advantages of helium balloons

Characteristically, balloons inflated with helium weigh less than balloons inflated with air. In addition, helium inflation is more durable.

Inflatable helium balloons are suitable for short-term events such as store opening, festivals, open houses, etc. In addition, they are also usable for a long time to set up permanent advertisements.

The advantages of using helium balloons are :

–        Its surface is large enough to register its slogan, as well as advertising messages

–        This kind of balloon is very stable in height indoors

–        The appearance of helium-inflated advertising balloons attracts the attention of audiences
Customizable advertising

Sometimes the inflatable advertising balloons are pre-printed and it is the customers who choose the inscriptions that suit them. Currently, there are still pre-registered advertising balloons but it is also possible to order personalized inflatable balloons. Using a helium-filled advertising balloon is an effective way to capture the attention of visitors. So it would be even better if the advertising balloon was personalized.

For this, the client can show the visual identity of the company, institution, group, or establishment to be boosted. With the customization of inflatable helium balloons, you can choose the color, the typography as well as the text/slogan and the image to put on it.

Crédits : Pixabay

So, we can say that the advertising balloon is freely customizable in order to highlight the graphic charter of a company. By aiming to invest in one or more personalized advertising balloons, you have to make the right choice. On this, it is necessary to look into the evaluation of the quality according to the comments of the customers and the characteristics of the advertising balloons. So, don’t forget to assess the price-quality ratio. But it should be remembered that the use of advertising balloons inflated with helium is recommended thanks to its durability and quality.


The inflatable arch is an inseparable tool at any outdoor event or in shopping malls as well as entertainment areas. Indeed, this type of advertising tool is an ideal communication medium to convey relevant messages or advertisements. The structure of an inflatable arch attracts the eyes and attention of the public.

So, in order to succeed in your advertising investment, turning to the use of an inflatable arch is highly recommended.


The majority of inflatable arches are suitable for any type of terrain. This arch-shaped advertising medium could be used outside the box.

So you can use an inflatable arch on sand, grass, snow or dirt. This kind of advertising balloon adapts to any type of terrain, and it can be easily installed and dismantled on any road.



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