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What is pallet pooling?

The concept of pallet pooling or pallet pooling is a bit like carpooling. But instead of sharing a car with other people, we share pallets with other companies. Also known as pallet rental-management, pallet pooling is a model of reuse, but also sharing, based on the principles of the circular economy. To be clear, pallets are shared and reused within a vast network of transporters, producers and retailers. By entering this network, we will no longer have to buy or exchange pallets. They will no longer be a product, but a service. What is Pallet Pooling? We explain everything there is to know on the subject in this article.

Pallet pooling: what is it?

Pallet rental management or pallet pooling is not only efficient, but also profitable for those who use it. Indeed, it is the best solution to not buy pallets. It also has several benefits for each actor in charge of logistical tracking.

Pallet pooling consists of outsourcing pallet stock management. And this, from the order to the collection. The use of pallet pooling is a real economic system at all levels. And we can say that it has only advantages. Indeed, it saves time, eliminates any hidden costs such as storage costs or the destruction of pallets and replaces purchasing costs with a cost of use that is much more profitable. For those looking to optimize their company’s supply chain, the use of pallet pooling services can reduce the workload to a single task: the tracking of goods. As mentioned above, pallet pooling has many advantages and benefits. And the latter are profitable for purchasing managers or directors, financial directors, warehouse managers, decision-makers in the cost reduction policy, and of course for the supply chain manager. By simplifying logistics operations, facilitating the flow of goods transport, pallet pooling is quite simply a practical solution.

Pallet pooling: the solution to reduce costs

palette pooling
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Using pallet pooling saves a lot of money. Indeed, it considerably reduces various costs, namely delivery costs, storage costs, costs related to the maintenance of the fleet of pallets, and of course the supply costs. In other words, it improves the profitability of the supply chain. It is important to clarify that investing in the purchase of pallets is an expensive and risky investment. Indeed, their storage can generate costs. And in the event of a stock shortage, the fluidity of the supply chain risks being slowed down. Finally, if the pallets are damaged, repairs or replacements will generate additional expenses. In order to avoid all this, there is nothing simpler than pallet pooling. Now the question is how the use of pallet pooling can improve sustainability policy. Well, you should know that pallet pooling reduces the carbon footprint. Indeed, the woods used for the manufacture of the pallets come from PEFC certified forests. And most companies that offer a pallet pooling service ensure that delivery routes are optimized to reduce fuel consumption. After use, the pallets are checked and repaired for reuse. In short, pallet pooling is effective in optimizing the supply chain, reducing various costs and contributing to environmental protection.


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