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Discover all the benefits of tiger eye stone

Do you like natural stone jewelry? Stop your choice on the tiger eye stone belonging to the quartzite family, because it has multiple virtues. No matter what jewelry you like to wear, this stone is used to make bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces … If you are wondering about the benefits of the tiger eye stone, you will discover everything in carefully reading what will follow.

The origin of the tiger eye stone

For the record, in Mesopotamia, the tiger eye stone was called Oculus Belus. Oculus means eye, and Belus is the name of the God of fortune. During the Roman Empire, it was mostly worn by soldiers and warriors to protect and to bring courage and strength. In the Middle Ages, tiger eye was used to hunt black magic and to protect against evil spells. During Antiquity, there were many eyed stones because of their color and shape, which are similar to the eyes of certain animals (snake-eye, cat-eye, pig’s eye, etc.). However, the name tiger eye had not yet emerged in Europe during this period, as tigers were not yet known. This is how it is assumed that the term tiger eye comes from Eastern countries. It was only in the 19th century that the first deposits of this stone were discovered in South Africa. At that time, it was selling for a high price, as it was believed to be a very rare gemstone. A century later, following the discovery of other deposits, tiger’s eye becomes a semi-precious stone. It is recognized by its moving, bewitching and shimmering colors. It has shades ranging from brown to golden brown to golden yellow, it is similar to the cat eye. If you are wondering how to wear the tiger eye, it is in the form of a necklace, ring or bracelet.

The benefits of tiger eye stone

Its psychic properties: The tiger eye collar or other has several health benefits. Associated with the earth and stability, it contributes to the good health of the joints of the legs. It is therefore very beneficial for knee concerns while contributing to good mobility. It is also able to lower headaches. In addition, it has effects on gastric acidity, which makes it beneficial in the fight against difficult digestion. It should be remembered that stressful and negative emotions have negative impacts on bowel movements, and tiger eye can regulate the glands necessary for its proper functioning while simplifying digestion. By relaxing the diaphragm, this natural stone also reduces respiratory problems such as asthma. Its energies also stabilize hypertension and lower blood pressure.

Its physical properties: Tiger’s eye stone is used in lithotherapy, because it is a protective stone against bad spells. It acts as a shield against negative ideas, and like a boomerang, it refers to its sender. Worn a tiger eye bracelet promotes good vibes while aiding in creativity. It also helps to differentiate between her emotions and those of others. But still, tiger eye stone builds self-confidence by erasing fears and lowering emotional barriers. Wearing it as a bracelet, necklace… therefore helps to have more harmonious loving and friendly relationships. It should also be noted that this natural stone associated with the sun is the symbol of self-confidence, ambition and generosity.

For information, in Asian traditions, the tiger eye stone balances the harmony between yin and yang. To wear a jewel with this natural stone is to enjoy inner peace and mindfulness on a daily basis.


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