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Why choose the function bike?

Public transport is saturated with people. The traffic is also very heavy in most cities. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, these are factors in the spread of the disease. The function bike is therefore a solution that could remedy these situations. This is how more and more French people are using it. Whether equipped with electric or conventional assistance, the function bicycle is an alternative to transport vehicles.

Employer support

To have a function bike, you will have to spend 60 euros to 1000 euros every month depending on the model. As such, some structures are responsible for providing employees with this type of machine. The employer has a quotation that he bears on the cost of renting the bike, but it does not represent the full amount. This is to make all employees with cycles responsible for the maintenance of the machine.

However, the particularity of this type of system is that during weekends and holidays, the use of the bicycle is always retained by the employee. For the employees of your company, discover this service for renting a company bike.

Tax advantages

From a tax standpoint, companies that subscribe to these services benefit from reduced corporate taxes. This reduction relates to 25% of the rental amount for contracts that extend over a period of 36 months. For the purchase of your bikes, a depreciation allowance of 25% is also provided.

It should also be noted that bicycles are not classified in the category of benefits in kind from the Urssaf’s point of view. As such, the employee will continue to obtain a 50% reimbursement for the subscription to the various public transport systems. For your lifestyle, the function bike is therefore the best option.

The benefit greater than the sustainable mobility package

The decree of May 11, 2020 introduced a package which is referred to as the “Sustainable mobility package”. Relatively advantageous for companies and employees, it was introduced instead of the bicycle kilometer allowance. However, it has a ceiling on expenditure. As such, you should not exceed an expenditure of 400 euros per year if you wish to benefit from the various tax and social exemptions provided for by the package.

Currently, with the use of the function bike, expenses are not capped. Which makes it the most attractive means of transport at the moment.

Increasing employee presence

The companies have specialized in the management of bicycle fleets. These services include the supply of equipment, maintenance of machinery, provision of insurance as appropriate. In many structures, employees are accompanied along their route, they are taught how to hang the bike and load it. Thus, the latter are more mobile and much more present at their workstation.

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