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What activities are recommended for seniors?

The human body experiences a decline in stamina after youth. The health of older people thus becomes more fragile. Seniors therefore become more exposed to diseases compared to young people. Sports activities prove to be excellent partners in strengthening the resistance of the human organism to harmful microorganisms. These activities can require considerable energy depending on their nature. It will therefore not be possible for seniors to practice a sporting activity of their choice. They will have to perform adequate activities appropriate to the state of their organization.

Brisk walking

Brisk walking by classification is the best sport activity recommended for seniors. To be done well, brisk walking must be done at a rapid pace. The senior must be able to walk in this way for at least 40 minutes over 5 days during each week. In the absence of speed due to the weakness of the body, the senior should set the goal of 10,000 steps per day with the same frequency.

Walking is a way of strengthening muscles and bones as stated by Quintonic. The speed of walking or the energy supplied during this physical activity improves the body’s endurance. The respiratory system and the heart also gain stamina. This successive improvement in health reduces the risk of frequent illnesses in the senior age group.

The gym made gently

Gentle gym is a sporting activity like gym, but practiced with low energy exercises. She has her own working instruments that are different from the gym instruments. For a strengthening and stability of the health of seniors, they are recommended to practice exclusive gentle gym for 150 minutes each week.

The gentle gym brings great benefits for the senior practitioner. It allows the progressive awakening of all the muscles of the body thus removing any risk of paralysis. A gain of serenity is also noted thanks to this exercise. The concentration and energy necessary for the practice of gentle gym allow total liberation of the mind and improve blood circulation of the whole body.

The bike

Cycling is an activity that must be adopted by any senior concerned about his good health. The senior can cycle at their own pace, but over a long period of at least 2 hours a day. This activity alone constitutes a great means of prevention against several ailments.

Stressing all the muscles of the body while cycling involves overall maintenance of the joints. Great energy is deployed and this allows the senior to have restful and beneficial sleep. The respiratory system is improving and the blood is better absorbing oxygen.


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