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Lobbytrack: your visitor management platform

What is a visitor management system or software? Well, it is a tool that allows businesses to streamline visitor registration. To do this, we proceed to a digitization of identifiers, to prior registrations, to the sending of notifications by e-mail or to the creation of customizable badges. Very practical and efficient, the visitor management system adapts perfectly to hospitals, government buildings, schools… Among the best visitor management systems available on the market, we can cite as an example Lobbytrack. To learn more about it, we invite you to read this article.

Lobbytrack, everything you need to know

Lobbytrack is an onsite visitor management solution. It is suitable for SMEs and large companies. As mentioned above, Lobbytrack is also suitable for different establishments such as schools, government offices or hospitals. Among the functionalities of this innovative solution, we can cite visitor tracking – the creation of badges – automatic notifications and the integration of access control. For users, Lobbytrack allows not only to manage visitors, but also to secure their installations well. In addition to the features mentioned above, this solution also has other features. It can pre-register visitors, scan federal watch list, make digital signatures, sign legal documents, scan barcodes, and more. It should be noted that Lobbytrack also offers access control integration with various systems such as DSX, Kantech, Johnson Controls, Brivo, or even Lenel OnGuard. Compatible with Windows, the use of the Lobbytrack solution requires paying an annual subscription. Today, Lobbytrack is used by many customers around the world. Multilingual, it can support different languages: English – French – Arabic – Dutch – Danish – Finnish and German.

Eventleaf, the best event management platform

In addition to the visitor management solution, there is also an event management solution. Among the most popular on the market is Eventleaf. The latter is now used by customers around the world to manage various events. Examples include corporate trainings, business meetings, conferences, trade shows, workshops and seminars, etc. Just like Lobbytrack, Eventleaf also has many features. First of all, it helps companies in creating event websites, recording agenda details, selling tickets, creating registration forms, promoting events on social networks and in following up on invitations. Via the registration functionality, customers can print their badges. The software also manages to extract from driving licenses or passports, the information necessary for the creation of badges. Badge printing takes minutes and can be done in batches if required. With Eventleaf, it is possible to personalize the badges by inserting a logo or an image. During events, Eventleaf also facilitates the work of security personnel by informing them to whom access is granted.


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