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What are the means to implement to protect your site?

Securing a space is no easy task. It can turn out to be a real puzzle if you don’t know your way around. The safety of a site depends largely on its surface area and configuration. If you are considering securing your space, this article may be of benefit to you. Find out what devices are in place to protect your site.

Technical means of securing

To ensure the safety of your site, you can have recourse to technical protection devices. In order to optimize the surveillance of your premises against any intrusion, consider installing infrared detectors and video surveillance systems in sensitive areas. Usually these are entrances, elevators and stairs. However, it is important to carry out a safety expertise on complex sites to properly determine the sensitive points to be monitored. Above all, avoid installing a large number of cameras. Rather, special emphasis must be placed on the video operator station in order to benefit from optimal security.

Physical security means

The physical protection devices take into account the gate, fences, low shutters, signage, access points, and secure access gates. It is important to make the right choice of your portal in order to guarantee the maximum protection of your site. We recommend that you choose the equipment according to your expectations. Even a good-quality gate wouldn’t do much good if your fence is flawed. Therefore, you will have to make sure that it is well built. To do this, opt for a quality material. In addition, do not neglect the access points to your premises. Consider installing doors and windows with robust closing systems. To filter the flow of people, favor the installation of high-tech tools such as secure access gates.

Organizational security means

The failure of a site protection system often stems from the human factor. This is why it is crucial to clearly define the means of organizational security. These devices are generally inexpensive and easy to implement. They mainly refer to staff awareness and safety standards. Since the weakness of security is often human, it is essential that site users have a good level of information in terms of security. The safety standards make it possible to ensure a good reaction in the event of an incident. Thus, certain organizational measures must be anticipated.

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