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Why and how to recruit in the Information Technology (IT) sector in times of health crisis?

The health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic has considerably disrupted business operations. Most, if not all, services are now provided remotely via the Internet. Thus, IT and the web are more than ever at the heart of the functioning of companies. Structures of all sizes must then hire to optimize their organization. In the current context, IT recruitment has undergone significant changes in the process but also on other important points.

A significant increase in the demand for labor in the IT and IT sector

The world of work has experienced an unparalleled revolution with the health crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To comply with containment measures aimed at stemming the spread of the virus, companies must assign their employees to telecommute.

The workers therefore no longer go to the premises of the company. They now carry out their professional tasks, from their homes, via the Internet. As a result, IT and digital are at the heart of the organization of companies of all sizes. Teleworking requires a much better computer and digital network.

Companies must, therefore, put in place a system adapted to the new mode of operation. They therefore experience an increased need for manpower in the IT sector. This explains the multiplication of job offers for technician positions and other professions in the field of IT and the web, since the start of the health crisis.

How is IT recruitment going in the context of a health crisis?

Like all other corporate operations, recruiting is now done online. All hiring procedures (dissemination of the job offer, contacting successful candidates, interviews) must go through the web.

The change is not just about the process but also concerns the hiring criteria. In addition to the characteristics relating to skills and qualifications, the hiring manager must now also focus on other technical and organizational issues. In particular, it must ensure the candidate’s ability to carry out professional assignments from a distance. Employees working in the IT sector must have the appropriate computer and digital equipment to be able to carry out their missions remotely. In particular, they must use high-performance equipment as well as powerful and reliable digital tools allowing them to optimize the remote management of the company’s IT and web system.

IT, computing and the web have become key industries in businesses of all sizes and across all industries. IT recruitment in the midst of a health crisis requires more availability and involvement on the part of the manager or HR manager. The latter has an interest in using the services of an agency specializing in sourcing to ensure that the best candidates are found.

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