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Wage portage for IT jobs: do a simulation before you start

Wage portage is a booming activity. In France alone, it employs 70,000 people. Of this number, around 20,000 IT specialists use wage portage on a daily basis. However, before you get into this industry, it is important to do a simulation.

Evaluation of potential gains

Before embarking on wage portage, especially in the IT field, first get an idea of ​​what you may have. This is a pivotal, important, even essential step. Above all, you shouldn’t go blindly.

The salary portage simulation helps you get a fairly clear idea of ​​what your salary will be. And, of course, this is done on the basis of your turnover. It should also be noted that the wage portage does not take into account the taxes that you will have to pay.

Salary calculation

As we said a little above, in wage portage, your salary is evaluated according to your turnover. The principle is very simple. Before completing a mission, you must first agree on a price with your client.

After completing the mission, you will only have to issue your invoice. Following this, the company carrying you will take care of the deduction not only of your turnover, but also of the management costs. These constitute in a way the commission of the said company.

In reality, the carrier company plays a very big role. In addition to managing the paperwork and everything related to finance, she also takes care of the accounting part. Thus, it is only from your turnover that your salary from which social charges are deducted is determined. You will therefore end up with 47 to 52% of this turnover.

Simulation of invoices

Since your income is a function of your turnover or your benefits, it’s important to get a little clearer before you start. Usually, the average daily rate is a sure-fire benchmark.

It is true that it is from the salary you want to have at the end of each month that you will determine your ADR. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to divide the expected salary by the number of days you want to work in the month.

You should indeed take into account the various charges that may be subtracted from your billing. You must therefore take this into account before venturing into the field of wage portage.

How are management fees set?

What you need to know at this level is that each umbrella company has the flexibility to define its management fees. It is precisely these costs that will allow him to satisfy their litters. And, they are set according to the different services offered by these companies.

This is why before you get started, you should have fun determining the fees that your company will submit to you for its support.

To increase your independence in the IT sector, it is essential to go through a simulation. It allows you to be sufficiently informed about your case.

The wage portage simulation: what does it consist of?

Wage portage is a suitable formula for the self-employed who do not wish to adopt the status of entrepreneur or traditional employee. It can become an interesting solution for individuals exercising a professional activity in a self-employed capacity. In this case, the latter is no longer required to set up a business while benefiting from the social benefits of his umbrella company.

The advantages of wage portage

Currently, there is a wide choice of companies offering this service. It is up to you to compare them by noting the advantages and disadvantages of each offer.
The wearer will therefore receive as a monthly salary the equivalent of his turnover. On the other hand, it should be emphasized that the employee is personally responsible for his prospecting for customers. But the invoicing of customers is carried out by the wage portage entity. As a commission, this company charges a percentage for additional social charges and contributions. However, before signing a contract with a particular professional, it is preferable to simulate a salary portage gain.

The benefit of simulating a gain

The status of ported employee is advantageous if you have opted for the ideal porting company. You can therefore hope to enjoy your monthly salary, social security coverage and the right to retirement with peace of mind.
On the other hand, it is necessary to use a digital tool to accurately calculate the charges related to your porting contract. By using this device, you can get an idea of ​​how much will you earn monthly. Carefully crafted by taking in com

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