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7 tips to warm up your email

Email remains one of the most powerful tools for digital communication. It is used for businesses, personal messaging, networking, etc. How you write your email matters greatly when sending it for better interaction.

However, people neglect one very important aspect: the process of email warming up. This process tries to build a stronger connection using email service providers (ESPs) when interacting by building trust and credibility to ensure that your email is engaging and deliverable.

When an email is delivered properly without being spammed or flagged out, it increases engagement in conversation. Also, it shows that the email or message is carefully crafted. Here are 7 tips to warm up your email:

  • Personalise your greetings: Personalised greetings create a great connection or spark that shows your message is sent to the right person. This draws or captures the attention of the recipient faster.
  • Don’t ask for anything: So many people find it disgusting to see an email with a request first. Instead of asking for something, show how you care for them. Most people prefer to know how the email will benefit them before engaging in such conversations.
  • Keep the email conversational and engaging: Try to keep communication engaging so as not to bore the recipient. Avoid using too much formal language, i.e., when speaking with them, try to be free and natural.
  • Build credibility when speaking: Let them know who you are and why you are sending this email. You should be brief when doing this so they can listen to you. People may not want to listen to you until you give them a reason to. Building credibility will increase the attention.
  • Mention good reason for your offer: When you don’t mention a reason for your offer, they think your prospects are not valuable or valid. Make your explanation brief in your email.
  • End email with a positive note: You can do this by showing gratitude to the recipient. Ending your message positively will make the recipient want to reply to your email.
  • Streamline your cold email processing: cold emailings consume a lot of time. However, it is good to streamline cold emails to optimize the email strategy.

Reasons to warm up your email

Here are several reasons to warm up your email before sending a message;

  • It helps build a stronger reputation so senders and users can enjoy their communication. ESPs will check the sender’s reputation before forwarding the email.
  • Warming up emails helps ensure fast delivery for sales outreach. When the Wasps recognize your email, it indicates that your email is valued, which improves email deliverability.
  • It also gives positive engagement signals for both the sender and user, which indicate to ESPs that the message can be trusted. This improves email deliverability, and senders may be able to receive messages faster.
  • It helps to reduce spam messages. Warm-up emails are able to know or recognize spam messages.
  • Also, it helps to cut down time used to build a good reputation, making your outreach faster.


Since engagement is one very important factor when sending an email, we should then consider email warm-up. Email warm-up is necessary for deliverability, which means people or users see your messages faster. Visit  to learn more about email warm up.

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