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4 high-tech accessories to have in 2021

To have an increasingly connected home, you can easily invest in a few small high-tech accessories. Whether it is for appliances or to connect your home always and even more with your voice assistants, high-tech gadgets are not what is lacking. Let’s take a look at which ones you can buy to enjoy the ideal connected home at a reasonable price.

Bob Dishwasher

Bob the dishwasher is a revolutionary tool that is connected and has a display. In addition to that, it allows you to wash your dishes if you live alone or as a couple. It is a fairly small size, which can easily be installed in a student apartment or a studio. It is functional, practical and has several washing modes, ideal for washing your dishes without tiring yourself!

The Bob dishwasher is available on the website of Daan Tech, the manufacturer of the device. Be careful, however, due to the high demand for this product, delivery times that are a little longer than usual may be necessary. But when you have it in your hands, it is clearly an accessory that you will never let go!

Nanoleaf light panels

Who has never dreamed of a room with customizable RGB (multicolor) lights? In addition to that, with Nanoleaf panels it is possible to make shapes with them. For example, you can use the first letter of your first name or form something you like. Different styles exist, like Canvas, but others of different shapes, triangular, square, hexagonal, …

In addition, these lights offer RGB lighting in all colors. This allows you to change your lighting as you want and illuminate them in blue, rainbow, pink, … Many effects are available and we also note that some models are compatible with Apple HomeKit and Siri, a real one. more for iPhone owners.

Dyson air purifier

To enjoy perfectly healthy and breathable air, an air purifier is always appreciated. Dyson in fact, like other manufacturers such as Sharp. The advantage of the Dyson is above all its very neat aesthetic side. It helps rid the air in your home of allergens and pollutants. But it also allows you to heat your home or cool it down if you wish!

Of course, in incorporates air quality sensors and has an LCD screen to show you all of this. Like many accessories these days, it is compatible with voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, the most complete.

Amazon Echo

There are plenty of them on the market and they are often on sale. Amazon Echo (dot, show, …) have several features. They are primarily Bluetooth speakers but with an additional function. The Echo Show have a screen for displaying certain information. But the main use which is made of these accessories, remains above all and above all the calls to the integrated voice assistant.

The latter allows you to control a whole batch of devices such as connected bulbs, connected sockets and other door opening sensors in particular. Arlo branded products are also compatible and Alexa is one of the most complete voice assistants and compatible with the most products.

The best high-tech accessories: what price?

The prices do indeed vary. An Amazon Echo Dot is indeed not very expensive. However, a Dyson air purifier or a Bob dishwasher are very practical and very pleasant accessories in everyday life. However, these are also relatively expensive products, the purchase of which deserves consideration on where you are going to put it in particular. However, these are products that improve your daily living comfort. As for the Nanoleaf panels, it takes around 200 € for a complete kit.

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