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Questo: the application that will make you discover the world.

With the development of Web applications, many people are searching for apps that will keep them engaged with a bit of fun. Questo mobile app promises to meet the expectations of people who want to learn about cities in many countries. This article promises to discuss the Questo app, what it can be used for, how it works and the benefits of using the app.

What is the Questo application?

The questo mobile app is a Web application which allows people to know about cities, civilizations without requiring any assistance. This mobile app is similar to adventure games with a unique form of entertainment.

Players solve many challenges to get to new cities and tours by answering many questions. It was designed to fulfill people’s fantasies and is free.

How is the Questo app used?

The app can be downloaded from online, and you can easily install it. After installation, register as a new player and start the app. The Questo app can be used offline, however, note that for easy navigation via Google Maps, you will need to turn your Internet on.

Another way around this is using an offline map. If you get lost, this can be quickly corrected because the width is around 4 km, so you should find your way out easily. After successfully installing the app, start playing by selecting the city you want to explore.

After choosing the city, you will be presented with quests which need to be completed. Questo is always trying to add more quests which will make it interesting and challenging.

How does the Questo app work?

At the point where you start, you need to solve a riddle before you can move ahead. As at the last time, there are about 10 riddles in a quest before you can finish it.

These riddles are complicated, some are easy while others are pretty difficult. You can get some help though because there are hints. Also, you could get answers, however, it isn’t recommended because you will not find it interesting.

The answered are usually in numbers or words. After successfully solving all riddles and getting the stories, your quest has finished, and a city has been saved.

Why you should use the Questo app?

The questo app is recommended because first, it’s free. You don’t have to pay to use the mobile application, all you need is to install and start playing. Other benefits are:

Mode of playing

This mobile app has an explore and challenge mode. The explore mode lets you explore cities you don’t know before and have knowledge about places. For the challenge mode, you get to solve puzzles and riddles which challenges your brain.


It is an App that you could for leisure and fun. It keeps you occupied and lets you avoid boredom.


For players who love photos, this app will serve you well. If you want to show off, you can take selfies and share your progress in the game on social media.


The Questo app challenges your brain while solving riddles. It promotes creativity by depicting real-life scenarios.

The Questo mobile app is an excellent one which you need to check out. Like most interesting apps, it’s addictive. However, a healthy usage of this mobile application can be a source to learn about major cities in the world.

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