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Private travel sales: a great way to get away from it all at a lower cost

Going on dream trips and staying in 5-star hotels are no longer inaccessible getaways if you are not on a big budget. There are indeed a multitude of sites that are responsible for private sales of trips. These allow you to enjoy these moments of magical travel without breaking the bank.

Private travel sales, an opportunity to take advantage of price reductions in any season

Private travel sales are indeed a good plan to get away from it all at low cost. This is justified by the price reductions that travelers benefit from in this context. This is indeed an opportunity that allows you to increase your chances of obtaining a stay at a reduced price during off-peak seasons.

Despite the fact that it is in high season, you will be making good deals that will allow you to take the trip of your dreams on a small budget with the new version of the Sales Benchmark. This is exactly when many private travel sales sites run promotions ranging from less than 20% to less than 30%. This reduction is made according to traditional distribution channels.

Quite the opposite of what many people think, there are hotels that are not full even during the summer. Establishments that want to make themselves known take advantage of these private sales to make their services available at a lower cost. Private travel sales are therefore a great deal to grab if you are on a budget and want to travel.

Private travel sales, an opportunity to have hotels at 70% less

Having budget hotel rooms is not easy and reliable when you plan to travel. Private travel sites have therefore established relationships of trust with hoteliers. It is precisely because of this that the hotel rooms offered to you through private travel sales are both of high quality and are offered at almost 70%. This is a great deal that allows you to get away from it all at a low price. In the hotel industry, there are actually three price levels.

The first level is the public price, which provides a discount of less than 25%. The second level is obtained by most travelers and is adjusted according to the season of the room reservation. The third tier of hotel room prices is what you get from private travel sites that do private travel sales. The negotiation takes place between 20 and 50% and therefore less than 70%.


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