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How to use the posts when marking out sensitive areas?

The use of beacon posts is essential on sensitive areas such as machine angles, pillar bases, sectional doors, walls against impacts from handling equipment … Whether for professional or private use, they protect these areas as well as the people who pass by, at a lower cost.

Marker posts, perfect signage

Marker posts are very useful in certain situations, especially if there is a sensitive area. They can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are placed in places where the situation needs to be reported in order to secure and protect passers-by, staff or visitors. Their purpose is to provide information on the passage not to be crossed, to guide people towards the path to follow, to restrict access to certain areas, to secure traffic on construction sites, to mark out a freshly painted area or an area. freshly cemented, to indicate the path of vehicles transporting goods … They are also used to mark out restaurants, restaurants … In individuals, they are used to indicate a wall that risks falling, work at height (on a ladder), a hole in the roadway, an unauthorized passage … When it comes to marking posts for sensitive areas, there are different choices: to install, to ballast or to seal. There are among others the chain posts, the strap posts, the posts for soft ground, the information trestle posts … They all allow to delimit all kinds of zones, whatever the sector of activity, even as private.

All the advantages of beacon posts

In sensitive areas, beacon posts have various advantages. Their main advantage is that they are easy to install while being very efficient. It only takes a few minutes to remove them and move them. They also offer good visibility. But still, they are not bulky, they in no way hinder the passages. Also, in the event of an impact, they are easily put back into place due to the presence of a deformable and cushioning sole, they are very robust while being very resistant to bad weather. Note also that they are decorative with various finishes while being reliable, mobile and practical. Moreover, if you do not have a lot of budgets, choosing posts to mark out sensitive areas is a cheap idea. However, it is also possible to customize the markup posts for sensitive areas. They easily adapt to all configurations and lengths. Thus, you can choose the design, the materials (wood, plastic, galvanized steel or concrete), the colors as well as the inscriptions to put on the posts and on the ribbons. They can be real advertising media for businesses.


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