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Three models for your future beverage fridge

For a grocery store, restaurant, mall or other business, it is a good idea to display cold drinks. They are often sought after by consumers and they abandon hot bottles on the shelves since they are at room temperature. To exhibit these products, we invite you to discover the advantages of these devices. The drinks fridge is efficient, but it is available in several references. You choose the model that best suits your needs.

Three refrigerators to store drinks

For a business, you should not neglect the decoration, because customers will appreciate your establishment for this interior. The storage of food, the choice of appliances or the design of the latter are criteria not to be overlooked. You can therefore buy a fridge of this kind for refreshing drinks, but also to display them.

Depending on the space available in your establishment, the mini bar is ideal, but the door does not allow you to look inside.
The back bar is perfect for customers to choose drinks as they are visible and perfectly showcased.
In grocery stores, the glass fridge has pride of place, the shelves greatly facilitate storage and the cans are visible.
Without opening the door of this fridge, consumers can choose their drink, this prevents the cold from dispersing, conservation is then optimized.
Choose a drinks fridge according to your activity

In relation to your profession, you will have to offer drinks, this will be the case in hotel rooms. The mini bar will therefore be perfect for small bottles and cans, it will also be chosen by mini markets. For large bottles, the glass fridge and the back bar will be preferred. These devices will find pride of place in restaurants, bars, supermarkets, mini markets, but also nightclubs.

For selling bottles of alcohol, the back bar is particularly effective since you also have a work surface at your disposal. If you tend to offer bottles of wine to your customers, you can choose a glass fridge, but also a wine cellar. The latter has the particularity of offering the ideal conditions for storage in relation to temperature and humidity.

You can now choose the drinks fridge that suits you the most without necessarily breaking the bank, some models are charged less than 1000 euros.

Nathalie Chambon
Nathalie Chambon
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