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Baptism gifts: what jewelry to give?

The approach of spring marks the period of baptisms. It is a great commitment for the parents as well as for the godfather or the godmother. In order to celebrate and mark this event, the tradition is to give a piece of jewelry. Whether you are the godfather, the godmother or a loved one of the newborn, if you are unsure what type of jewelry is suitable for this special event, we give you great advice right away.

The religious medal

It is a common jewelry for baptisms, because it is a strong symbol that marks the bond between you and the child. To choose well, different shapes exist. You can take a pendant with a cherub or a representation of the Virgin Mary or Jesus Christ. You can also choose a medal with the astrological sign of the child, a tree of life or its patron saint. It can be combined with a fine link chain. As for the material, rhodium silver has a thin layer of rhodium, and this prevents premature darkening of the medal. If you are worried that the jewel will cause allergies, opt for a gold medal elsewhere, this is best for the sensitive skin of babies. Note that silver and gold are timeless and durable materials while being antimicrobial, and a child who receives a medal with one of them will wear the jewel even when they are grown up.

The curb chain

To mark the baptism of a baby, the other alternative is to offer a quality chain bracelet to sublimate his wrist. So that he can wear it right away, we choose a model adapted to the size of his arm. In order for the curb chain to follow the child throughout his life, we rely on a model with metal links, this is the assurance that it always remains suitable for his wrist. Also, take a bracelet with a fairly resistant clasp, because it is too fragile and can break quickly. The curb chain can be personalized to give it even more sentimental value. Anything is possible for engraving, but in general, the child’s first name and date of birth or baptism are written on it.

Other possible jewelry

Apart from the medal or the curb chain, various other choices are also possible for a unique baptismal gift. For example, you can give a pair of earrings with a pearly pearl or a small ruby ​​if it’s a little girl, but on condition that she already has her ears pierced. If you are having trouble making the right choice or are in any doubt about the choice of baptismal jewelry, do not hesitate to seek advice from parents or other family members. In addition to the jewelry, the child can also be given a christening gown if the parents agree or open a passbook or savings account where all the guests can make a transfer. It is also possible to offer a toy, a blanket, a personalized photo book, a night light … Among the other solutions, there is the metal spoon, the silver cup …


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