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The advantages of the retractable strap post.

The post with retractable strap is used to arrange queues, prohibit passage, guide customers or demarcate spaces. He can tailor the course and zones. Whether indoors or outdoors, it adapts to all areas thanks to its multidirectional attachment points. Whether in powder coated steel, chrome steel or PVC plastic, the retractable strap post has several advantages, and here they are.

What is a retractable strap pole?

Professional signage equipment, the retractable strap post is generally used in places that welcome the public such as stations, airports, hotels, town halls, restaurants, public establishments, museums, shops … to guide the people. It is also seen during major events such as trade shows, festivals … Currently, there are various models of retractable strap posts. You will have the choice between different materials such as steel and aluminum. There are also PVC plastic models suitable for outdoor use. However, each material has its advantages and disadvantages. For the strap of this guide stand, it is depending on your needs, but it is usually between 3 or 4 cm long and 50 mm wide. Note that there is an integrated braking system on the reels to avoid accidents when rewinding and unhooking the strap. For safety, some retractable strap posts come with a weighted platinum base (cast iron or concrete) in order to receive visitors without danger. These models therefore do not need to be fixed to the ground.

All the advantages of the retractable strap post.


potelet à sangle rétractable
Crédits : Pixabay

In practice, the retractable strap post is the best solution to secure and mark out spaces while avoiding crowd movements. Unlike larger barriers, it is easy to handle and move, but still very stable. It only takes a few seconds to modulate the limited access by folding and unfolding the strap which is wound inside the post. It is also an essential accessory in the building sector, because it clearly delimits the prohibited zone or the danger zone or even creates a route inside the site. It is also easily possible to prevent access or traffic thanks to the post with retractable strap. In public places, it greatly simplifies the flow of people, and it allows good management of spaces. But still, this equipment is of great help in respecting the social distancing imposed during the period of the coronavirus health crisis. This is important in the access corridors that are open to the public. In addition, the retractable strap post can contribute to the aesthetics of spaces thanks to the availability of colors, materials and finishes. With some manufacturers, this accessory is customizable.


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