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Where to store your professional equipment ?

Regardless of your field of activity or the size of your company, your professional, promotional or specific materials should be stored in a place offering optimal security, because you may still need them. It can be physical equipment that you have to sell, equipment owned by the company … Whether it is supplies, tools, IT equipment … there are several secure storage options suited to your needs.

Types of professional equipment to store

The professional materials to be stored depend on the activity, however, these are generally the materials that are not needed throughout the year. We are talking about archives as well as paper documents, storing them elsewhere allows you to make space while complying with the legal provisions concerning their retention period. There are also communication supports such as event stands, POS, samples, exhibition equipment … as well as bulky office supplies that unnecessarily clutter the premises. Let us not forget stocks such as unsold items and products in anticipation to expand the backroom or seasonal equipment such as outdoor tables and chairs, outdoor heating, summer and winter tires, equipment for mountain recreation and water sports … Work tools can also be stored elsewhere, it is advantageous whether you are a mason, landscaper, digger, plumber, carpenter, joiner … Thus, the storage space can accommodate earthmoving machinery, scaffolding …

The different solutions for storing professional equipment

Storage: This solution is increasingly popular with companies because it is suitable for long-term storage. In addition, the secure storage unit is perfectly suited to the needs of professionals. All your materials are kept in good condition. Unlike furniture repositories for individuals, furniture repositories for professionals have larger volumes, more sophisticated equipment and more appropriate support.
Self-storage: This is also the perfect solution to overcome the lack of space in business premises. It is the fact of storing in a private and secure box the goods, archives, materials … The advantage of this option is that you can access self-storage at any time, 24/24 and 7/7. The other solution based on the same principle is the self-storage drive, which means that the box is accessible on the same level as the car. It is a good alternative when it is often necessary to load and unload heavy professional equipment.
Cost-storage: If you no longer have space in your business premises, but renting a storage unit or self-storage is too expensive for you, the other solution is to go to private individuals , it is 60% cheaper. Plus, it’s more convenient if you find a storage location near the workplace. But still, there is no long-term commitment, you rent according to your needs. You should know that in France, a traditional lease does not allow you to store professional equipment at home, it is not covered by home insurance so, consider taking a storage space. However, some peer-to-peer storage platforms offer insurance for professionals.

Choosing the right storage room for professional equipment

No matter what type of professional equipment needs to be stored away from the premises, there needs to be safe storage space on different levels. You should choose a healthy, secure and easy-to-access location. Also consider the layout of the storage space to keep all professional equipment in good condition. You have to think about optimizing the volumes and making sure that there is no humidity and that it is well ventilated. Also check for pests and a nearby water pipe. But don’t forget the risks of fire and burglary. Security must be maximum with video cameras, remote monitoring, fire detection, dog squad, physical guard on site … The entire local environment of the storage space must be closely watched. You need to identify your needs to find the right storage space for your needs.

Whatever your choice of external storage space for your business equipment, you will need to optimize it to store it properly. Our advice is to use the height to have a passageway, because it allows to declutter the parts at the bottom. For that, use shelves. Then organize the space well by putting the heavy boxes at the bottom of the stack


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