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Private driver and VTC: how does it work exactly ?

In recent years, the transport sector has experienced a big revolution, and that is the VTC. It offers personalized services with the conditions established in advance. If you have already heard of VTC, but you do not really know what it means and what differentiates it from taxis, we propose to enlighten you right away.

The differences between taxis and VTCs

A VTC or Tourist Vehicle with Driver is also called a car with driver. It offers the same benefits as traditional taxis by letting you get from point A to point B in a car and having you driven. However, the VTC and the taxi are different on some points. Above all, the taxi is visible thanks to the light bulb on the roof of the car, unlike the VTC which has no distinctive sign. So we see it less than the taxi. But again, the differences can be seen in terms of prices, the way to book, comfort … Taxi drivers can be employees, tenants or craftsmen while those of VTC are self-employed. To become a taxi driver, you must have a B license and pass an exam, while to be a private driver, you also need a B license and at least 250 hours of training. For obligations, taxi drivers must do a medical examination and have a clean criminal record on certain offenses, they must also do a 16-hour training course every 5 years. For the obligations of VTC drivers like the one offered by this concierge, it is also the same apart from the 7-hour training if necessary every 5 years. It should also be noted that taxi drivers must pay for a license, while for VTC drivers, you only have to pay the registration fee, and this is to be renewed every 5 years.

Unlike a taxi, the VTC is not allowed to pick up a customer who has not made a reservation, even if he is waiting in a parking area or if he is hailed in the street. Private driver can park near a train station or airport to wait for a customer who has made a reservation, but the wait is one hour maximum. It is a special ticket that proves the customer’s reservation, and it includes the company’s name and contact details, the customer’s name and telephone numbers, the date and time of the reservation as well as the date, time and place of the client’s pick-up. To have a car with a private driver, you must book in advance, the service is available 24/7 even on weekends and holidays. For the comparison of offers and for cheaper trips, you can request a free quote. Unlike a taxi, VTC vehicles offer various services (WiFi connection, mineral water, magazines, electronic device chargers, guides to the best addresses, etc.).


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