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The fastest free YouTube to mp3 converter – Clickmp3

The first platform for distributing video content on the web, YouTube is a veritable mine of information when it comes to learning about a particular subject. However, unless you have an unlimited plan, browsing YouTube can quickly add up to your internet service provider’s bill. In order to save money, various tools are available on the market. One of them is Clickmp3, the world’s fastest YouTube video to mp3 converter for extracting audio files from videos. Here are the features, benefits and reasons why you should use Clickmp3 YouTube Converter.

About Clickmp3 YouTube Converter

ClickMp3 Converter is the fastest free YouTube to mp3 converter service on the market. It is an application allowing you to convert your videos to the best available formats. With the use of Clickmp3 converter, you will be able to access all videos streamed on YouTube and convert them to Mp3 format. The extracted content can then be saved to your mp3 files to be listened to later when you have the opportunity.

Note that the converted files can easily be downloaded to your computers, smartphones, mp3 player, tablet, etc. This YouTube mp3 converter comes with some cool features that are very appealing to internet users. However, you should be careful when dealing with copyright issues. This is because there are some files that you won’t be able to download or convert unless you get permission from the owner.

Features of Clickmp3

Here are some basic features that make this converter ideal for you.

Audio extraction

This converter allows you to get audio version of any video file on YouTube. This can be done easily by simply copying the link of said video to extract audio from it. Note that converting YouTube videos can be done to any audio formats you want.

Compatible on multiple platforms

The ClickMp3 converter does not only work with YouTube. Indeed, you can use it to download videos from various platforms such as Tiktok, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion and Twitter.

Slideshow maker

This tool offers a way to download videos and edit them. You can then use the edits to create slideshows however you want.

Benefits of using Clickmp3 converter

There are many advantages to using the Clickmp3 conversion tool.


You can easily save all your playlists from audio files ripped from YouTube and other platforms. It has good storage capacity where you can retrieve your recorded audio files.

Download music in all formats

This fast free video to mp3 converter allows you to convert YouTube to any format you want. You can also get YouTube substitutes in over 60 languages.

No location restrictions

No matter where you reside in the world, the tool allows you to bypass all restrictions, so you can use it anywhere.

Available in all formats

This tool works well with Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. You can extract any format from FLV, MP4, MK4 or 3Gp.

Hide using URL

The UI and UX design of this tool has a link field where you can copy and paste your YouTube URL. It is your specifications that decide how you start and end the conversion processes.

Fast conversion rate

When trying to convert YouTube files to MP3, Clickmp3 is a good tool that can handle lots of converting files quickly. It means that you can convert all your files within a minute.

If you are looking for the best and fastest free YouTube to mp3 converter, MP3 is an ideal choice. It offers conversion in various formats and is unaffected by geographic restrictions. ClickMp3 is free and offers a quality conversion service that you will appreciate.

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