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Use SEO coaching to improve your SEO skills

You’ve just created a website, but it’s not yet visible, and you know it needs to be referenced so that people can find it. In order to place it well in the search results, you want to do the job on your own, but you don’t really know what to do?

What is SEO coaching?

Do you want to improve the visibility of your website with natural referencing? SEO Coaching is made for entrepreneurs, e-merchants, managers, executives, webmasters, developers, digital project managers, writers, communication and marketing managers … who do not have the necessary budget to hire an SEO agency for the long term. It should be remembered that SEO is a work of continuous improvement so that the website can stand out on the search engines. SEO Coaching is done by SEO experts, and they will help you learn all SEO techniques for search engines like Google. These allow you to improve the positioning of target keywords and thus increase your so-called natural traffic and ultimately your sales performance. Keep in mind the effects of good SEO for your site: increased visibility, increased quality traffic, more sales, better loading speed of your online website …

The course of SEO coaching

Various questions will be asked, and this concerns the positioning of the site in relation to Internet users’ requests, the optimization of content for the targeted keywords, technical problems, the popularity of the website or the positioning of competitors. It will point out what needs to be improved with recommendations for good search engine positioning. Then, he will establish a strategy by prioritizing the objectives via a roadmap. Also, it will be necessary to ask the right questions: Are these objectives easily attainable? Are they meeting immediate needs? What resources must be obtained to achieve the resolution of the objectives? etc.
According to the objectives, it will be necessary to prioritize to touch the resolution of the technical problems, the improvement or the addition of contents, the positioning on the relevant keywords, the search for links for the increase of the popularity… During all these steps, the SEO coach contextualizes and answers all your questions while motivating you.

Why use SEO coaching?

Through SEO coaching, you will know how search engines really work and their ranking criteria as well as the strategies to adopt and the actions to consider. But above all, you save time and efficiency. We will teach you the basics of SEO, the interest of SEO in webmarketing, the creation of SEO content by the appropriate methodology, keyword research, the implementation of a netlinking strategy … Thus, you will be more autonomous in improving your website. Support is always possible so that you do not make mistakes. SEO coaching is made up of personalized advice and practices. The professional tools of the SEO will also be part of the learning. SEO is not complicated in itself, but it takes time to master all of its concepts. Indeed, search engines like Google and digital marketing are constantly evolving. We must therefore continue to acquire knowledge, skills and apply them as often as possible. The theory of SEO provides the keys to optimizing the website, but it’s only the practice and how you apply its principles that make the difference in search engine results.

The differences between SEO coaching and SEO training

Many people confuse coaching with SEO training, but they are very different. The SEO training is done in small groups, you work on your website and the training lasts a few days. Natural referencing will no longer hold any secrets for you. However, after the training, the SEO specialists will certainly be available to answer your questions at the time, but once the training is over you will not be able to come back to them. Conversely, SEO coaching is support that takes place over time. There are regular appointments to keep you motivated. As said above, natural referencing is constantly evolving, and it is often necessary to take stock to see the elements improved following the updates of the search engines. Approaching an SEO coach is a sustainable investment so do not deprive yourself!


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