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All the essential information to know about the Retirement Plan

People who want to enjoy a retirement in good conditions can choose a Retirement Savings Plan. The latter was created by the Pacte law and represents a product that prepares for retirement. It consists of saving during the period when the person is working, which allows them to conveniently provide a capital or an annuity when their working life comes to an end. You can also reduce your taxes with PER by deducting them in voluntary payments. So this is a system that can allow you to fund your savings efforts through the economy for your taxes.

This type of product is interesting and offers you many significant advantages. The following lines help you to understand all the important information about the PER.

All the strengths of PER

Currently, more and more people are turning to PER. The latter offers you the possibility of choosing between an annuity or capital outflow from your savings. You can choose the option to transfer the amounts you pay into PERP contracts.

You can also make the amounts you save voluntarily deductible from taxable income. And in the event that you face an accident, such as the death of your spouse or a disability, you have the right to unlock your savings at any time.

This point is essential because life can hold surprises that can have real impacts on your financial situation. By turning to PER, you can therefore have a quick and efficient solution to unlock the amount you need.

It is also possible, with the PER, to designate a beneficiary for your savings in the event that you die before your retirement. This designation can be made on one or more people. For more information on the subject, you can visit

The conditions to be respected to be entitled to the PER

All natural individuals who reside in France can subscribe to a PER. However, no matter how old you are and how much income you have, you are eligible for this type of savings plan. Opening a PER is the same as setting up a life insurance contract with several types of media.

You have the option of opening a PER with your banking institution, your insurance company or your provident fund.

A PER is made up of three essential elements, namely, the PERIN or Individual PER which can replace the old individual savings products, the PERCOL which represents the Collective PER. The latter succeeds the PERCO, as well as the PERCAT or PER Categoriel which can replace Article 83. For more information on this subject, you can see here.

You have the choice to decide on the opening of the PER for the deductibility of the voluntary payments that you make on your taxable income. The PER has several tax advantages. However, this option is not mandatory and is not really interesting. You must then make your choice of PER according to your age and your tax bracket.

The evolution of PER

If the PER was previously reserved only to settle your financial situation during retirement and to significantly reduce your taxes, currently, the product is evolving and other options are offered by specialized establishments.

Life insurance is nowadays the product of most interest to the French in their preparation for retirement. It is however essential to know that the French are sometimes confronted with investments which present risks and little rewarding.

Some professionals in the PER have therefore decided to integrate life insurance into savings. To do this, they want to set up a euro fund with an increasing capital guarantee.

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