Pill to be ready by the end of 2021 to treat COVID at home says Pfizer!

A pill that could help you to fight with COVID in the early stages can be a game changer in upcoming days.

On Tuesday, the CEO of Pfizer said that they have been working on a oral pill that could help one to potentially fight COVID in early stages at home. This pill will be  soon made available for everyone by the end of the year.

He said that this experimental oral drug could be effective against multiple strains of the virus and could potentially treat the infection within the onset of infection and it could save one from getting hospitalized. So in short it could prevent the patients from taking trips to the hospital or reaching a critical stage.

This drug falls under the class of Protease inhibitors. This drug binds to the viral enzyme making the virus incapable of replicating inside the human cells. So this basically affects the spine of the corona virus preventing it from replicating in our respiratory system.

This drug is not only confined to the treatment of COVID but it is also used to cure other diseases like HIV AIDS, Hepatitis etc.

The CEO also said that a close study is being done particularly for COVID and they will come up with more solutions to get rid of the COVID soon. And as it is used to treat other diseases as well hence, it is believed to be effective against other strains of the virus as well.

This drug is known as “PF-07321332” and early clinical trials have been started in the month of march itself.

As per the documents during clinical trials, the patients are being administered Ritonavir drug along with “PF-07321332.” Ritonavir drug is basically used to treat HIV and it is believed to boost the “PF-07321332” drug. Addition of Ritonavir drug will increase the concentration of “PF-07321332” in the bloodstream making it more effective against the COVID.

As of now, during the clinical trials the drugs are being tested over the animals and they show as such no side effects and further doses will be decided in upcoming clinical trials for human use.

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