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Smallville is an American television series based on superhero drama. Season 6 of Smallville was launched on September 28, 2006. The series shows Kryptonian Clark Kent’s early adventures while he adjusts to life in the fictional town of Smallville, Kansas, in the years before he becomes a superhero. The Seth season consists of 22 episodes, and it came to an end on May 17, 2007. The actual country of origin of this show is the United States. It was premiered on the original network, the CW. In this season, Clark is trying to recapture several escaped criminals from the Phantom Zone. It also involves Lana and Lex’s marriage. The show receives ratings of 4.1 million viewers per week. It also got nominated for an Emmy award with many other awards.

Awards received by Season 6

The sixth season has received several awards in many categories. Makeup artist Natalie Cosco received the best makeup award. The show received the best dramatic series. Caroline Cranston was honored with the best costume design for her work. The visual effects society recognized the show with the 2007 VES award nomination for outstanding visual effects. Also, David Moxness received the American Society of Cinematographers. Allison Mack received the best-supporting actress nomination.


The cast and crew of season 6 involve:

  1. Erica Durance
  2. John Glover
  3. Tom Welling
  4. Allison Mack
  5. Kristin Kreuk
  6. Annette O’Toole
  7. Michelle Rosenbaum
  8. Aaron Ashmore
  9. Justin Hartley
  10. Ben Ayres
  11. John Schneider
  12. Fred Henderson
  13. Mike Dopud
  14. Pascale Hutton
  15. Alan C. Peterson
  16. Tahmoh Penikett
  17. Gerard Plunkett
  18. Bill Mondy
  19. Christian Vincent
  20. Phil Morris
  21. Alfred Gough
  22. Miles Millar
  23. Steven S. DeKnight
  24. Brian Peterson
  25. Kelly Souders
  26. James Marshall
  27. Darren Swimmer
  28. Todd Slavkin
  29. Whitney Ransick
  30. Al Septien
  31. Caroline Dries
  32. Rick Rosenthal
  33. Tracy Bellomo
  34. Jeannot Szwarc
  35. Glen Winter
  36. Michael Rohl
  37. Turi Meyer
  38. Terrace O’Hara
  39. Genevieve Sparling
  40. Paul Shapiro

These all people include the actors, writer, director and more. There is a list of casts of season 6. More people were starred in the show. The actors and actresses chosen were totally compatible and excellent for the show. This is why season 6 has received a lot of respect and fame.

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