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Clues about communication and Flight obtained on scanning Skull of Dinosaurs!

In recent years, paleontologists got plenty of information about the dinosaurs. They got an idea about how they lived, their size, their age, more using their foot prints, bite marks on their bones etc.

Nowadays, paleontologists are working on the behavior pattern of the dinosaurs. They are gathering information by reconstructing their skull which contains information regarding their behavior.

Recently a paper has been published on a journal about studying the inner parts of ear and eye sockets of the preserved dinosaurs and other reptiles. This procedure is done using the X Ray imaging technique. This thing is helping the paleontologists to understand the way all the dinosaurs lived which otherwise would have been impossible to understand.

The Paleontologist of University of Edinburgh  says than inner shape of the ears of animals reveal lot’s of things about them. It is homologous to the ears of humans. Human ears allows one to hear the things of certain frequencies and in same way helps in balancing the human body. Similarly they help to understand the behaviors of the animals as well.

As the skull bone of dinosaurs were very thick as it has to be protective in nature and hence it was difficult to study the structs inside their skull. But Paleontologists collected 124 different scans of archosaurs which includes group of dinosaurs, reptiles and other animals dating back up to 252 million years.

The results were quite impressive. Paleontologists were able to gather gross amount of information by studying dinosaur’s inner ears and eyes. They were able to predict what they used to see or hear and also about their movements.

Paleontologists also found more facts about their flights and co related them with the modern day birds.

Another rare clue that could be obtained from this study was about their vocals. They were able to identify that how they sounded which is quite difficult and rare to be identified.

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